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Recently purchased by the Trustees of Hay Warren for the benefit of the people of Hay and its visitors, together with some extra land, The Warren fishery is approximately 1 mile of right bank from Steeple Pool, below Warren Cottage, upstream to the end of the stone wall at Lap Stone Pool near The Burlands.

Currently it is a coarse fishery with some small trout and good grayling in the winter, it has not been fished for salmon for many years.

The coarse fishing is truly excellent, the main species being barbel, pike & chub with roach, perch, bream & dace occasionally being caught. Recent catches include: -Barbel 131b 8oz, these generally run in the 6 - 91b range Pike 281b 8oz, 201b pike are quite common Chub 61b, 41b chub are very common

This existing coarse fishing with its great variety of fast and slow water, could be easily developed into a multi-purpose game & coarse fishery in the longer term.

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Details of the fishing at the Warren including rules and regulations, health and safety assessment a complete map of the fishing beat and where to obtain licences etc. is available here in Acrobat format to enable printing on an A4 sheet

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Information about the licences you need for fishing with a rod and line, moving and stocking fish and fishing with nets and traps in Wales.

The fishing industry supports the local economy in communities across Wales and includes a variety of net and trap fisheries. Salmon, sea trout and eel are fished in estuaries and coastal waters and trapped in some rivers and still waters.

Natural Resources Wales regulates fishing using a combination of fishing licences, authorisations, Net Limitation Orders and byelaws.

Full details here:

Byelaws regarding Fishing in Wales

 Fishing Seasons on River Wye

Salmon: 3rd March to 17th October.

Trout: 3rd March to 30th September.

Coarse: 16th June to 14 March (Following year)

Costs for Fishermen

10years        £500
Season        £75
Week          £45
Daily            £15

Lifetime and 10 yearly fishermen allowed a guest.

Yearly and Day fishermen allowed a Junior Rod licence holder or child free of charge.

A significant catch?

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Records will be held at:

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You need a valid Rod Licence if you are aged 12 or over and fish for salmon, trout, freshwater fish, smelt or eel in Wales.
You can buy your rod licence online through the Post Office website and at your local Post Office.

Map of Hay Town and Warren Fisheries. right bank . (click to enlarge)

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